Free Playstation Games

Yes it is true because I do it everyday. And you can too, if you follow my steps. don't worry there easy. But it will cost you. VERY WORTH IT!!!!

Click Here For A Mod Chip OR
Plug Mod(I use This)

Then you will need a cd burner(Cd-recorder) Goto any computer store I saw them as low as $100.00 thats cheap when I bought mine it was $350.00

Once you have all that, you need the games. You can Borrow from a friend Or rent them at blockbuster for $5.00. then you need a blank Cd. any computer store sells them for about $1-$2 dollars.(remember to get Cdr and not cdrw) Then Copy the game on your computer. The Cdr drive should have come with a program to copy. but if not try HERE.

Want more info on this go HERE

Don't have a cdr drive and don't want one. buy the games check out Ebay or Yahoo Auctions

Want to ask me a question I don't mine
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